Returning taste to the forefront of agriculture.


Les Gourmands Farm was built on the idea that food should taste good. It’s the ode to that perfect peach we remember from our childhood, picked straight off the vine and eaten right away in its prime juicy ripeness. With sticky hands and faces, we think to ourselves, “this is what a peach is supposed to taste like.”

Growing up as a suburban kid in California and New York, I didn’t have access to a peach tree, but I remember browsing the farmer’s markets in the countryside of the South of France with my family, reveling in the aromatic, delicious beauty of the products on offer. It’s the essence and the memories of these vegetables and those we have cherished around the world for centuries that I hope to bring to Les Gourmands. Here’s to food that looks, tastes, and feels right for our health and the health of the planet.


Les Gourmands Farm was started in 2019 on one-acre of leased land in the heart of the Skagit Valley in Washington state.

The Skagit Valley is a fertile agricultural valley tucked below the Cascade Mountain range. Historically forested and since used for grain production and dairy, the Skagit Valley is now at the center of Western Washington’s vegetable and seed production. Framed by the Skagit River, Les Gourmands Farm sits on alluvial soil, rich with mineral deposits from years of flooding.

Les Gourmands Farm shares a property with three additional organic vegetable and herb farms. For the past nine years, the land has been either fallow or in grain production.

Photo Credit: (c)2019Hartford Photography